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You have protected your students and yourself now you need to look at other assets. You have just leased a building for the next chapter in your martial arts journey and you need to cover all the contents. Many instructors think that covering the mats, some equipment, security system and a computer will do the trick but one has to look at the full picture when disaster is loaming. Full cover includes contents, property, glass breakage and business interruption but if you are only leasing you don't need to consider the property component.

Imagine your new location for your school gets caught on fire and you also get water damage as a bonus. The main thing is your Business Stops completely and if you haven't considered what you would do is this situation you should continue reading down below. There is an interruption to your business, students will not pay if they can't train and you don't get paid but the bills keep coming in. Good News, there is insurance to cover the whole process including clean up costs, renting a temporary venue etc.

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