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40 years in Martial Arts and 19 years brokering Insurance means we are here for the long term, in the unlikely case you need to make a claim.

Our Industry Group Scheme saves you time, money and covers what's essential, you and your students across all your activities.

Get access to business resources such as waiver forms, risk management manuals and discounts on billing, software and websites for starters.

Karate Club Insurance

Insurance for your Club is essential to protect your students and your assets. Policies can cover all your activities whether you are running them in your Dojo or anywhere around Australia. Be covered for Public / Products / Management Liability, Professional Indemnity and Player Accident.

Contents / Biz Pack Insurance

Protecting the contents of the fixed venue you operate out of comes under a Business Pack that includes many elements (glass, business interruption, equipment, stock etc). You can't control some things like fire, water or theft losses but you can minmise the pain with the right insurance.

Martial Arts Travel Insurance

Travelling interstate or overseas and require cover for training and or competing, no problem there is a policy for you. It comes with all the standard inclusions of a travel insurance but with the added scope of including training and competing.


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It you are running a Karate School , you need specific Karate Insurance that covers the risk factors and activities that are associated with this style.


Finding the right provider who has the knowledge in both the insurance and martial arts industries, is now much easier. Karate Insurance Services has been created to specifically support Karate Clubs with all their insurances from public liability – contents / business packs and travel requirements that includes training and competing around the globe.


Karate Insurance Services gives greater buying power and more specialised business support. Karate is one of the fastest growing martial arts styles due to it being very effective in both self - defence and competition.


Get an instant for your insurance requirements and the opportunity to talk to an expert that can answer all your questions relating to the policies. 

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Typical questions:

What am I actually covered for?
How do I access my policy in the event of a claim?
What qualifications do I need to meet the Insurer’s criteria?
Do I need to use a waiver form / do you have an example?
How do I create and use an incident reporting document?
What risk management polices do I need to adhere to?
Will a claim put up my premium?
Will there be anyone to help me through the claims process?
Are all my activities covered?
Do you run multiple events through the year (fight shows / tournaments / social functions / short term courses in schools-corporate sector)?

No problem they can all be covered under your policy (see terms / conditions in wording).


As your Karate business grows you will want to save time and money with the administration process and this just gets easier as technology has advanced. Karate Insurance Services can assist you with access to Club Management Software, Student Fee Collection (Billing Services), Instructor / Club Owner Training Resources, Risk Management Manuals, Waiver Forms, Websites, Club Promo Videos, Marketing your business and other techno savvy tools.


FREE MINI WEBSITE We would love to get you started on running your club and building your business with a free mini website (Club Directory Landing Page) just for getting a quote with us.

What will this do? It will help people find you in another place online and you will get more enquiries from our automated lead generator.

FREE FULL WEBSITE Take out a policy us and you have one more reason to validate your choice, a FREE FULL WEBSITE (5 pages – conditions apply). 


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